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From Englebart

"The technology side, the tool system, has inappropriately been driving the whole. What has to be established is a balanced coevolution between both parts. How do we establish an environment that yields this coevolution? Well, that's where the bootstrapping in a laboratory comes in. I said I wanted to do what I knew it was going to be like in our future. So we had to be more conscious of the candidates for change in both the tool and the human systems.


Both the Journal System and the Shared-Screen Telephone option demonstrated how computers could be used to support “collaborative dialogue.” From Engelbart’s perspective, the most important feature of networking was bringing together human resources—knowledge, skill, creativity, intelligence, and drive. In the early 1970s, he envisioned a future in which collaborative human communication was built on a foundation of computer networks."

Barnes, S. B. (1997). Douglas Carl Engelbart: Developing the Underlying Concepts for Contemporary Computing. IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, 19(3), 16-26.

Interestingly, at about the same time Southwestern Bell was developing a commercial system -- Service Order Retrieval and Distrbution --  exhibiting many of the characteristics of Engelbart's work.  I served on the design, development, and implementation team and was responsible for the file design.   Ref: Drogan, J. (1970). File Design for an Online Service Order Entry System (Technical Information Exchange No. ZZ77- 0017) (p. 18). White Plains NY: IBM Corporation.)


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