Lecture Notes: The Logistics Channel Within the Supply Chain

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Catalog Description

This course seeks to focus on & explicates the logistics channel of the supply chain. This course prepares students to be logistics managers, to efficiently control the movement of goods, using processes that instill time and place utility from the beginning of the supply chain(sourcing) to its end( the ultimate destination of the delivered product).


Christopher, Martin. Logistics and Supply Chain Management : Creating Value-Added Networks. 3rd ed. Harlow, England ; New York: FT Prentice Hall, 2005, 0-273-68176-1 

Lecture Notes

1. Introduction to the Course and to The Logistics Channel Within the Supply Chain

12. Rounding Out the Supply Chain

Special Note:  There is a dearth of lecture notes in this course because I felt no real need to supplement the text.

Other Notes

An Introduction to Logistics and the Supply Chain

Oft times I have found that students come into a course that assumes they have knowledge of logistics and the supply chain, but, in fact, lack that knowledge.

This note helps to provide a bridge to those students and improve their chances of successfully completing the course.