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Work in Progress

I write a lot.  I prefer to write on matters that interest me and I do so to clarify my thinking on the subject.  I've authored several undred items over the course of my career.  Some are posted here in droganbloggin, Lecture Notes, and Other Information and Ideas (available through the navigation panel to the right.

I've a number of items in progress.

  1. Drogan, J. (2017a, September 10). Learning from the Future (WIP).
  2. Drogan, J. (2017b, September 15). AI: Two Questions (WIP).
  3. Drogan, J. (2017c, September 29). Integrating Academic Activities: Research, Education and Real Life Problem Solving (WIP).
  4. Drogan, J. (2018a, January 28). Improving Performance in the Supply Chain with Bloackchain (WIP).
  5. Drogan, J. (2018b, January 31). Philosophy and International Business (WIP).
  6. Drogan, J. (n.d.-a). Commentary on The Shipping Industry (WIP). August 26, 2017.
  7. Drogan, J. (n.d.-b). Other Thinking About Spatial Literacy (WIP).
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The Future of Mobility

I had the great good fortune to be invited to attend Geography 2050: The Future of Mobility, sponsored by the American Geographical Society this past November.  This was two of the best days of learning and generating good questions I’ve spent in a long, long time.

As a consequence and at the request of symposium chairman I put together The Future of Mobility - Items of Interest, a list of areas that I believe require additional consideration.

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A Note on Cyber Security

Cyber security is taken up in m y graduate information management class.  This note was written to inform the discussion.

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10 ways to have a better conversation

I call your attention to this fascinating TED Talk.

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"At first, when writing the interview guide deliverable, I admit I thought of this step as mostly just being a pain. But now that I'm in the middle of it, I'm excited to hear back from people and honestly glad we have to do it. Not only do we get to reconnect with people and possibly add some new contacts to our network, but we are gathering very useful information for our paper that we don't have to go and find ourselves. I wish you all success in getting your questions answered!"

From a capstone student.

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An Attaboy

"So why China – Chile? When you brought up the map in the class showing that Chile was interested in OBOR I got really curious why."

Included in a student paper.

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How do we know...

...what we need to know to be successful?

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Information Management: Course Outline and Materials

This book is built upon the syllabus for a graduate level course in information management. The chapters in the book correspond to the modules in the course as it existed at the time of the writing. Included are the reading and writing assignments. The full text of all assigned material written by the author is included.

Table of Contents

US$20 from https://www.lulu.com/.

This book supercedes the information at MIS in Transportation.  MIS in Transportation will remain available on this site.

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This Morning's Look at the Environment

I have long followed John Hagel.  I find him perceptive and thought-provoking.

I draw your attention to his July 27 post, Where Are You Headed? What's Your Narrative and Purpose?

I must admit I didn't think like this when I was younger.  Like most, I was concentrated on getting things done and providing for my family.  I sort of let the future take care of itself, comfortable with the notion that if I did the best I could with what I had all would work out.

And indeed that worked pretty well for me.  But what did I miss?

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“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Albert Einstein

Case in point.

"It’s not a bad maneuver, but it unravels at a certain point. The British team consists of well-educated and experienced civil servants. In claiming that this team is not up to the task of understanding the complexities of EU processes and regulations, the EU has made the strongest case possible against itself. If these people can’t readily grasp the principles binding Britain to the EU, then how can mere citizens understand them? And if the principles are beyond the grasp of the public, how can the public trust the institutions? We are not dealing here with the complex rules that allow France to violate rules on deficits but on the fundamental principles of the European Union and the rights and obligations – political, economic and moral – of citizens. If the EU operating system is too complex to be grasped by British negotiators, then who can grasp it?"  Friedman, G. (2017, July 24). The EU: Authoritarianism Through Complexity.

The nature of our species is to make things inreasingly complex.  It's a bit lke the temptation to have one more chocolate.  Self-control is in order.

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